Jul 232007

A cute Vicky teacher lifted up Akiva to put him down on “soft” pillow

Akiva has been taking a class at Poly Tech Kids where he learns math and science in Chinese. This time he learned 1. 2. 3. in the first half class (20 minutes each), and he learned a concept of hard and soft in the next half. This time was a little bite boring. Jesse sat through the first half and got sleepy. I came in for next half. Akiva used sponges, socks, and pillows for soft materials and glasses, wood, and egg case for hard one. He got bored too and asked me to take him home.

They often offer a class which can’t do at home like playing flour (spread on entire class room), drawing paint (very messy), or observing turtle (poor turtle). They often use cars which Akiva is crazy about. During a class, a teacher keeps all materials in a closet and brings out them each by each. Akiva is a designate helper to bring out and put away materials. He goes with a teacher and peaks inside a closet.

Kenaz is in a ball poor at the school

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