Jul 242007

I sent my mom an e-mail yesterday said Kenaz started crawling one or two steps but he is rather picked up and held. Today he already thinks he is the king of floor. He crawls to everywhere in the living room (he still doesn’t want to explore other part of house). He holds a sofa to stands up and walks around. He wants to go to everywhere Akiva and I go. Today when we were about out the door for swimming, Kenaz’s tear came out.Kenaz all sudden wants to get everything what Akiva has. When Akiva has a dump truck, Kenaz doesn’t want to have a cement mixing truck instead. He screams at Akiva.

suddenly Kenaz loves daddy. Every night when Jesse came home, Kenaz cried. He was a totally bugger. Now he cries when daddy is going to work. He wants daddy to play upside and down.

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  1. Hi, would you please enable full rss?

  2. Kenaz is such a big boy now! Soon Kenaz and Akiva can get into much trouble together.

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