Jun 052007

We still like to go find inexpensive good restaurant. We also want to update on our blog about it. However taking two small kids out to eat is already very difficult. Jesse and I talk about taking pictures and writing a food review before food comes to our table. Once food is on the table, it is like a war starts. Akiva wants to eat whatever he sees right front of him. Kenaz is on a stage of want to grab everything from the table. And Jesse and I want to enjoy food. It is a chaos.

We went to three new dim sum restaurants in last two months. We went to check out a nice new restaurant street call “Lee Gong Ti” at the Jin Ji Lake. From out side all restaurants look like old Suzhou style courtyard. It is nice atmosphere. However again having two small kids doesn’t allow us to enjoy atmosphere. We thought it is not for us.

[Jesse] I think it was not for us because the dim sum there was not very good. The LoboGao (fried turnip) cake was a block of fried starch with no flavor. The dim sum were small and not that fresh. This is the type of place that Chinese yuppies, MNCs (Married, No Children) and MBAs (Married, But Available-s) drive to (LiGongTi is sort of in the middle of nowhere on the South part of the lake) for Saturday morning brunch. Really pretty outside. Really upscale-looking. But food was not good [/]

For Jesse’s birthday we went to a Renaissance hotel to eat all you can eat dim sum. They had quite wide selections. Akiva and I loved their mango pudding.
By the way, Akiva always loves wet towel. The hotel restaurant provided us a wet towel to wipe our hands. Akiva was so excited. He put it on his head, put it around his neck, and swung it around in the air with cowboy screaming. He looked ridiculous while we were there.

[Jesse] I like the mango pudding too. Dim sum was pretty good. Maybe not as good as GuTing. But OK. Good place when you are really hungry too. [/]Last Sunday we went to Mei Mei Hong Kong restaurant at Gold-Chicken Lake (JinJiHu) Xin Tian Di. They have dim sum and all kind of Hong Kong style food, a kind of like family restaurant. They have an out door deck with nice lake view. Good thing about them is we don’t need to buy a tea to eat dim sum (dim sum is called as drinking tea).

[Jesse] I new winner! Food was fresh and delicious. They brought out the Chinese broccoli first, so it was easier to get some greens into Akiva. View was good. Feeling was good…not too upscale even though its on the lake. I felt the dim sum had too much pork in it. So I still like Guting’s dim sum better. But this place is closer, nice view, and good food for a little bit cheaper price. And I like how they don’t make you buy over-priced tea. [/]

We found a Korean restaurant which has all you can eat ice cream. They also have a good home made cold noodle. Among Koreans they are popular because of good BBQ. Last time when we were there at Saturday night, we waited for an hour to sit. Then Kenaz got cranky and we just left.

[Jesse] And after we left, Jesse got cranky and didn’t want to eat dinner. But anyway, that Korean restaurant is awesome. LengMian (cold noodles) is great…they make the noodles at the restaurant. The little dishes of different types of kimchi is really good. Supposedly the BBQ meat dishes are really good there too, but we have not been able to try it out yet. Oh…all-you-can-eat icecream too. Also free coffee. This place is too good. BTW, its next to the “Creative Lego Center” on XingHai Rd. [/]

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  1. Great review!! Just like in the old days. Very entertaining.

  2. thank you for these reviews. my firm is sending our family and I packing off to the suzhou area for a very brief reconnoiter of the facilities. clearly you two have the lay of the land and tabletop assembled. do you write for a local or international publication? interesting compendium of your work!

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