May 252007

Intellectual Birthday Candle- It looks like lotus flower made out of plastic. Each flower petal has candles. When we light the candles, the flower opens and a firework shoots up. Then the birthday song plays all night until we smash the flower. This candle often use at local kinder garden. A store clark said it is safe. We have used three times. Two times the flower explosed. Yet, I wanted use this candle for Jesse’s birthday. I put the candle on the plate just in case. When we lit candles the plastic petals got melted (very smelly). However, Jesse and Akiva blew candles happily. Later a firework shoots up. Jesse freaked out and stepped out of his chair. Akiva and Kenaz both screamed and cried at the same time. I wish I had filmed it.

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  1. Happy, Happy birthday! We love you!

  2. Yes, I have B-day present from good ol’ USA for both Haga and Jesse.

    Hopefully it won’t get lost on the way over!


  3. Hi,this is Yan, a good friend of Helen,she told to have a look in your bloc, and then I saw the birthday candle party.

    I know this kind of candle, I bought it last year for my husband birthday,until just now, I know it’s for baby!!!!! we had a good luck,because we lit it on the beach, not so smelly! hihi 😉

  4. O-h-h-h, it warmed my heart to find your page. I just returned March 8 from my first trip to China and Suzhou was was of our stops. I was with a tour group and spent my 58the birthday at a restaurant in the, “Free Market,” area. Our tour guide came to our table with a cake for me and she lit one of those candles for me. I CRIED! It was so memorable for me to have spent my birthday surrounded by such an embracing culture. I love children and have worked with them for a long time. I certainly hope your boys have the blessing of knowing both worlds. I live in the mountains one hour from Sacramento and you are certainly invited to bring them to play in the snow if you’re ever near!

    Thanks for sharing your life in Suzhou and the other places you visit. I look forward to watching your lives!


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