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Another Passover in Suzhou. Above on our Sedar Plate are the symbols of Passover: moror (made from chopped daikon radish with some wasabi mixed in), harosetz (chopped apples, walnuts, wine from Xinjiang made by Muslims with Chinese Characteristics, and parsley), parsley, a lamb shank bone (actually a leg bone, curtsey of the DongBei restaurant where we often eat…they supplied the big round table too), salt water for dipping the parsley, and a hard boiled egg.

We moved the tables into the living room. Our dining room became the play area for Akiva, Kenaz, and Rimon (Itai and Shoko’s son). Akiva was a good boy. We started really late. I arranged for 8 people to come down from Shanghai for our Pesach feast. Two limos making 4 stops. A lot of logistic work involved. So we didn’t start until 7PM. Akiva drank 5 cups of grape juice and got all wound up.

We served South-Western bean salad, Mediterranean salad, vegetarian chopped liver (2 hard-boiled eggs, a bunch of mushrooms, about a ½ cup of walnuts, some olive oil, ½ cup of green peas, salt and pepper to taste), Sesame Chicken, Asparagus wrapped in thin-sliced beef, apple & sweet potato dish, a potato dish, and Matzo Ball soup.

The Matzo actually got hung-up in customs. Then it was delivered by an unreliable delivery company. It was supposed to be delivered on Friday and it did not arrive until 2:30PM Monday. Prompting the Evil Jesse to emerge and yell at the Temple girl and then yell at two different delivery companies (“OK. You are lying to me. No… I know you are lying to me. HEY! Shut up! Why are you lying to me? Do you think I just got here to China? You said your truck broke down and you are going to take a taxi to deliver this? And that trip would take you an hour? I can go from the Western most part of Suzhou to the Eastern part in less than an hour at rush-hour traffic. That was three hours ago. So please answer this…why are you lying to me?”).

So, it was a late night Passover. But the kids did well. We had old friends Tavon, Itai, Shoko, and Ilan. New friends include Ilan’s wife Jasmin, and Jason and his wife Maki and his friend Robert (first Passover for those four people). The Israeli’s were disrespectful and questioned my leadership…but that is nothing new. At least Ilan did not ask for pork this year.

I gave the Wicked Son role to Ilan, the Wise Son to Jason, the Simple One to Tavon, and the Young one to Robert. We used the traditional Haggadah, and mixed in a little from “My First Passover” Card book.

For desert, we had chocolate covered matzo, and chocolate and lemon macaroons. And the Afikomen.

I miss you all in the United States most at Passover. Have a good feast. And remember

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