Mar 282007
So, we went back to the United States. We saw our parents, our brother Micah and sister Rachel, Aunt Robin and Peter and Illana (maybe spelled wrong…sorry), and (Great) Grandpa George and (Great) Grandma Ruth and (Great) Grandma Sophie and Aunt Gayle and Cousin Copper and Jeremy. We met new friends as well (more on that later). We had a great time. I miss everyone now and part of me wishes I had stayed there.

The long story:
There were a lot of people there…best friends and family…whom we did not get a chance to see. To all of you – and in particular Josh and Ingrid and Tony and Eric and Heidi and Richie and Uncle Mike and Aunt Marsha and Aunt Debra and Aaron and others… I am sorry. I hope that as you read this you will understand and forgive me…the trip was not that easy for us.

First of all, we traveled from Suzhou to Shanghai (2 hours), waited at the airport (2 hours), went to Tokyo (3.5 hours), transferred planes (2 hours), then to the Los Angeles (I think 10 hours), then immigration (bastards didn’t give priority to family w/Children…1 hour), then drive to San Diego (2.5 hours). Total travel time: 21 hours. Akiva slept maybe 3 hours in that time. Kenaz a little more.

We got to San Diego and we were exhausted, then we had to deal with jet-lag in ourselves and the kids for 4-5 days. I know I’m complaining. But after that traveling, we didn’t want to go anywhere (i.e. New York, SF Bay Area etc).

To tell you the truth, a lot of my memories are blurry. I can’t put things in chronological order. But here are some of the highlights.

San Diego. Temperature when we were there: about 60 – 70 F. Suzhou. Temperature when we left: around 40 F.

We went to the beach. A couple of times. Flew a kite. Played in the sand. Enjoyed the sun.

We went to Balboa Park and played soccer.

Kenaz was mellow during the times when he was not demanding…

Akiva got on the wrong side of The Law…

More to come. Love you all.

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