Feb 072007

It’s been very warm. Today it went up to 68F(crazy for February in Suzhou).

It is waste to not go out in a nice weather. I have taken Akiva and Kenaz to a playground(Our nanny had a family issue. She could not help me for a couple days. Jesse has been busy. He had to work on weekend). Akiva has been able to ride a tricycle. He is happy to ride around it. He also loves to play succor. He is very good at kicking a ball. Kenaz has been BabyBjorn on me. He loves to hang around in face out position, to look around and to chew a top of his jacket.

I had good time being with them for a several days. Then Monday morning I could not get up. I had a bad headache. I thought I was getting sick. I took a long nap with Akiva at afternoon. I still felt very sick. Then I realized the headache is coming from my shoulders and neck.

I thought I had already built actual muscles (not show off muscles I can get from lifting weights at gym) on my shoulders and arms to carry Kenaz when Akiva was a baby.

My friend told me carrying a baby in the front is much harder than on the back. I may have to start carrying Kenaz like Chinese Sichuan minorities!

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  1. feel better~




    why did you scoll down this far?

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