Jan 182007

Sunday we had no plan. Jesse said “We have not been to the market close to the Suzhou station. Let’s check it out!” I was surprised to hear from him. That place is not totally kids friendly. Jesse babyjorned Kenaz. I carried Akiva.

We were not ambitious to find anything. We were there for two hours until Kenaz started crying. We found nice wool scarf with rabbit fur for souvenirs when we go back to California next month. Jesse bought communist winter hats.

Then we decided to go eat Taiwanese pot stickers. I nursed Kenaz in the taxi. I can nurse him everywhere. When I had Akiva, I could not do it without decent privacy and concentration.

We had good Taiwanese style pot-stickers with Japanese techno music. Also drank doufu milk and beef-chunk soup. Then we walked around Shi Quan jie and went to Jesse’s favorite DVD store. This time we bought “The Pursuit of Happiness”, ”Little Children”, ”Little Miss Sunshine”, ”Levees Broke”, and “The Last Kiss”. Some how Akiva smuggled two music DVDs.

Mariz, I don’t know any bus go to the market directly from SIP. You can take a bus to the railway station and walk from there (currently there is mass constriction around the station). The best way to get there is taking a taxi (around RMB15 from SIP).

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