Dec 202006

Kenaz is doing well at the new hospital. Doctor said breathing is still “rough”. But he is breastfeeding. He smiles at us. He cries… when we don’t hold him while standing up… with bouncing motions and squats…he starts with sort of a complaining whimper cry, followed with a full-on red-faced 1/2 hour cry of outrage just before he goes to sleep.

He is getting intravenous through a vein in his head (that’s how they do it here). They shaved off his front hair for that and then wrapped his head in gauze. This makes his hair stick up and spiky. So he looks a little like a Star Wars creature now.

Ill tell people about Kowloon Hospital and differences between Kowloon and #2 People’s in a future update

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  1. Hi Jesse!

    It was great catching up with you live yesterday bro, and I’m relieved to hear Kenaz is on the way to a full recovery.

    I miss you guys alot and look forward to seeing you guys in San Diego in February.


  2. To hard Boiled in Suzhou:

    Hey guys, I hope your baby makes a full recovery!


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