Dec 252006

On Saturday, December 23rd, Kenaz came home after staying at the hospital for a week. His lung infection was healed. He had a good relaxed time at the hospital. He received all my and nanny’s attention. He had a no brother to bother him. He smiled a lot. He slept well.

I had a good time with Kenaz too. Kenaz and I watched “Weeds season 1 and 2”, “Departed”, “The devil wears prada”, “Miami Vice”, “Scoop”, “Marie Antoinette”, “Clark 2”, “You, Me, and Dupree ” and Jim Jarmusch’s “Dead Man”.

When I was with Kenaz at the hospital, I missed Akiva very much. When I asked our nanny to take care of Kenaz and I stayed with Akiva at home, I missed Kenaz very much. Now I am with them, I want to run away….

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  1. Hey Japanese-American Family living in China!

    Hope the new year is starting out well for you, and that Kenaz is back to 100% health.

    Can’t wait to see you guys in San Diego.


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