Nov 232006

I am thankful for my beautiful wife. She is so beautiful. I’m thankful that my children are healthy and smart. I’m thankful that Akiva is only 1.9 years old…if he was older, he would definitely be an alcoholic. I’m thankful that Kenaz is always cute and very happy…during the daytime before dinner.

We are happy for the North-Eastern Chinese food restaurant that delivers lamb-wraps, cold onion tofu, and beef & turnip dumplings…because otherwise we would have had to go out into the cold rain, wait for a taxi to pick us up, and go to get Beijing Duck (which is our usual Thanksgiving in China tradition)…and then we would have had to deal with The Forces of Chaos (Akiva and Kenaz) in a public restaurant.

We are thankful for the love of our family and friends all over the world. Happy Thanks Giving!

Miscellaneous other things I am thankful for: Battlestar Galactica Season 2; our babysitter/domestic helper (who never listens to what we say and is very old-school, but she is great with the babies); heated floor carpet in the living room;baby-rocker seat; the years we could spend with Unagi; Googletalk so that my family in America can hear Akiva say “No!”; the new French sporting goods store in Shanghai (called “Decathlon”) that sells thick white socks and good-quality down-feather jackets for cheap; and a Democratic-party controlled legislature in Washington.

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