Nov 132006

Tony, Jess hasn’t complained about the locals and their attitudes because it is my turn.

Oh, My God! I cannot stand it!! My pregnancy is finally over. However I am not supposed to go out in three months. The weather is nice. I feel good. I came to outside in my apartment complex a month after my labor. Now everyone think I am going to have bad menopause !! I am supposed to wear socks otherwise my feel get crack. I am supposed to wear scarf and hat even under 81F. I am not supposed to eat ice cream because baby would get the hiccups. (The store clerk actually refused to sell an ice cream) I respect Chinese medicine and tradition based on Chinese four thousand years history. I will eat chicken and ginger soup every day just because Chinese people believe in that would heal me after labor. Yet some have to be updated by modern medical science and life style.

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  1. haha.I’m just so happy that you’re bouncing back Ms. Haga. I am an avid fan of your post and i thought you badly needed the 11day absence (from writing), but i was kinda worried too(if that would be the correct term), with the two little ones, surely workload on motherhood doubled.
    I’m glad to know that your holding up!
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Hey! Just noticed Kenaz has Jesse’s ears :-).


  3. Happy Thanksgiving guys.

    And thanks for the pics of Akiva and Kenaz, I have them posted on my fridge!


  4. Hi Akiva and Kenaz! You beautiful babies! Hope all is well with your mom and dad, please say “hello” to them. I hope you will come to visit soon. We miss you…



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