Nov 022006

Jesse is sick (again!!). Now we have two kids. I need his help. He cannot be sick that often. He needs to build up his immune system. I have asked around locals how they prevent catching cold. Their answer was having ”Ba lan gen” tea (Echinacea is not popular). I went to a local pharmacy and bought the tea. It is a little bit bitter but mostly tastes like brown sugar water. I looked at internet about bal an gen. It is Isatis root to remove toxic heat, to reduce heat in blood, and to soothe the sore throat. Jesse and I will have this tea every day from now on. We will see the result over this coming winter….

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  1. I’m sorry Jesse is sick “again”. The best way to avoid getting sick is to wash hands frequently and keep them away from your face. Most contamination comes to you through things that you touch. Feel better Jess. Keep those beautiful babies well. You too Haga.
    Love you all.

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