Nov 292006

We had a Friday Shabbat dinner with a cheap Chinese wine. The wine tasted actually OK. I had a half glass. It was still early. I took Akiva to take a walk.

Outside stopped raining. It’s been raining for almost two weeks. We walked around and checked several small boutiques and a DVD store. At the playground Akiva wanted to play on a slide, but there was a puddle at the bottom of slider. He still wanted. I thought I could catch him before his going into the puddle. He was sliding down so fast I couldn’t catch him. Instead he jumped into the puddle from his butt. His pants got wet. I took his pant off. His dawn jacket covered till his knees. I thought he wouldn’t be cold. On the way back, some grandma told her granddaughter “Look at the boy. How could he walk around with no pants in this cold weather?”. Some guy said to me,”Why don’t you let your son to wear pants?”. Usually I get annoyed by these local’s comments. However I had a wine and was in a good mood. I was smiling at them. Akiva and I hold our hands together and walked with a skip.
When we got our apartment complex, I let him walk on the small fence. At the end, Akiva wanted to jump off. I held his hands. He jumped. One of my hands slid off. Akiva fell down from his face. His lip started bleeding. He cried. I felt terrible.

Next day I check his cut. His front tooth was chipped off. I felt really terrible. In addition, I had really bad hung over. I no longer go out with kids when I am tipsy. I won’t drink Chinese cheap wine any more.

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  3 Responses to “A Little Tipsy”

  1. Haga, maybe you’re like the drunken master, and you have to drink excessively to bring forth your child catching skills.

  2. Oh, Haga I feel bad for you!!! But all who know you know that you are such a good mother (so do not worry over what the Chinese peasants say). Besides, children get a new set of teeth for this very reason – just make sure that when the “Tooth Fairey” comes for that chipped tooth, that she leaves twice as many coins for Akiva!
    So far Heidi has 1) Smashed Kia’s finger in a heavy door and 2) Let her jump on a hotel bed and smash her chin into a hard head-board covered by a thin pillow resulting in a scar where she bit through her lip! And this is with no wine!

  3. And I have let both Jesse and Micah fall on their heads when they were babies. (Hum, I wonder if that’s why they are the way they are) Give Akiva and Kenaz a kiss from grandma.

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