Oct 072006

Thursday, 09/28/2006
07:40 am Regular Check Up
I left for hospital for a regular weekly check up. Till last check up, I ride an electric bike for a half hour to get a hospital. I liked feel of fall wind on my face, however everyone concerns about me riding a bike with big belly. I took a taxi this time. I didn’t go to a check up last week. Chinese hospitals don’t take a reservation. I hate it.

08:30 am At Hospital
I saw my Dr. Ge and told her I don’t have any symptoms of labor, like having a pain, bleeding, or breaking water. Yet we both agree it is better to have a baby before national holiday. So she stacked her finger to my ass and told me my baby is ready to come out today or tomorrow morning. She recommended me to stay hospital.

09:00 am Ultrasound
An Ultrasound technician told me baby’s head is big and a cord could be around a neck. He said should consider c-section.

09:30 am Baby’s Heart Beat
Baby’s heart beat was slower than normal. Doctor recommended me again to stay hospital. [Jesse’s note: doctor said this before. Even Akiva’s heart was a little on the slow side. We think our babies just take after Mom and tend to have slower-than-average heart rates]

10:30 AM Check In Hospital
I checked in a private VIP labor room.

11:00 AM Lunch

15:00 pm Caster Oil
I had a scramble eggs cooked with caster oil which will induce my labor. [note: didn’t understand that it was castor oil and we didn’t know that castor oil could have this affect]


Bored and Want to Go Home
I was bored and worried about Akiva. Akiva was with his nanny. My friend and her son came over to my house and played with him too.

18:00 pm Jesse Came to Hospital
We tried to negotiate with doctor to send me back to home because we live only twenty minutes away. However doctor told us it is too risky because baby’s heart rate is slow. She told us again I will have a baby tomorrow morning although I have no pain, no bleeding, and no water breaking.

Friday, 09/29/2006
12:00 am Slightly Pain
I was reading a book “Absolute Friends” by John le Carre which Jesse recommended me. I felt a little bit pain. I thought I may have a baby in the morning so I tried to catch some sleep.

03:00 am Mild Pain
I woke up by pain. I couldn’t sleep any more. I check the clock and tried to count the timing of pain. It was still irregular and short.

06:00 am Severe Pain
I had to stand up and put my hands on wall to let the pain go. I thought it is time to call a nurse. A nurse and a midwife came. They told me I am going to labor. I called a nanny to come to home and take care of Akiva. At that time I thought my labor would last for at least three hours. I told the nanny to have some breakfast. I called Jesse to come to hospital when the nanny gets home.

06:30 am Screamed for Epidural
I was on the labor bed. I couldn’t lay down straight. I couldn’t open my legs. I had to twist my body and hold the side bar on the bed. I begged the doctor for epidural and c-section.

06:50 am Like Blow on Horn
I pressed my lower abs like blow on horn several times. The doctor told me baby is coming out.

[Jesse: 06:55 Jesse arrives at Haga’s room. Jesse sees 8 nurses/doctors. Haga looks like she is in pain. The baby is coming out]
06:58 am Kenaz Is Born
Kenaz was out! I saw Jesse behind of curtain peaking at us. I told him to come in. Daddy meets a second son.

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  1. Congrats Mommy and Daddy, baby looks wonderful! Kind of weird that our babies were born a week apart and in complete other countries.

    YOU certainly are much more adventurous than I. I merely moved from S.D. to L.A., you moved halfway around the world!

  2. Hi Haga and Jesse

    Congratulations on the new arrival. He’s beautiful!

    I’m planning on having my baby at the Kowloon hospital next year and would love to hear more about the ‘goods’ and ‘not-so-goods’.

    Take care and rest up! Cheers!

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