Oct 132006

It is the 8th day since Kenaz is born. It is time to Brit Milah.

For Akiva, we had a pediatrician who is also Mohel performed the circumcision at our home in San Jose, CA with Rabbi Magat from Temple Emanu-El.

For Kenaz, Jesse arranged with a Chinese American midwife Dr. MK at United Family Hospital in Shanghai because there is no Mohel in Suzhou/Shanghai area. The procedure was much longer than Akiva’s. It was really hard to watch and I couldn’t stay. So couldn’t Akiva. We waited out side. Jesse stayed with Kenaz. After the procedure we stayed at hospital for an hour to make sure Kenaz is OK. By the way, his procedure was done in VIP labor room. It was like a four star hotel, flat screen TV, updated rocking chair, nice sofas, and nice delivery bed.

We went to the US embassy to apply Kenaz’s passport. Despite we didn’t prepare his ID photo, the officer was very reasonable and let us apply the paper works. Otherwise we had to bring Kenaz twice to Shanghai.

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  1. You have the most beautiful babies! I can’t wait to hold them.

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