Oct 142006

Akiva loves his young brother Kenaz. I was amazed that Akiva kissed and hugged Kenaz when Akiva met his new brother for the first time. I was impressed watching Akiva caring about new brother. Akiva wants to change Kenaz’s dipper. Akiva goes “Ahan?” when he hears Kenaz’s crying. Akiva gives up my lap to sit when I am holding Kenaz (instead he puts his head on my lap).Weekday, Akiva goes out to a playground with babysitter. He has been learning many Chinese words and making a lot of Chinese friends. On the weekend, Jesse and Akiva are having a good time going to toy stores, taking a boat at lake and playing ball. Akiva is too small to jealous on Kenaz. However he is becoming a terrible toddler. He says “No” to anything we ask. He does everything we say not to do. The other day, I had really hard time. Akiva was in the kitchen and spread rice from the bag. Then Akiva moved to the living room and opened all drawers and took stuff out of them. Akiva was screaming. Kenaz was crying. I was yelling. It was chaotic.

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  1. Your children are beautiful Jess, congratulations!

  2. Hey happy family!

    Looks and sounds like things are going well there, especially since Jess hasn’t complained about the locals and their attitudes

    Love and miss you guys!


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