Sep 302006

6:58AM. 48 cm Length. 3.3 Kg.
Kenaz means “bright” in Hebrew. Or it means reed. It means Hunter in Arabic. “Jiu” is pronounced like “Joe” for Americans. It means ‘9’. Because he was born on 9/29/06 at the “Nine Dragons ‘Kowloon’ Hospital”.

Mom is doing good. Labor was quick. The hospital staff was very competent. More details on this later. For those of you planning on having babies in Suzhou, email us for more info on the good and that not-as-good.

Kenaz has a shnazz!!! OK. When we get a chance, we will fill in some of the details of how all this has happened. Peace.

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  4 Responses to “Kenaz Jiu Covner – Born September 29th, 2006”

  1. Congratulations
    Interesting name. I remebered the name from the bible though I didn’t know it means ‘bright’ , must be in classic hebrew. As far as I know , Kenaz was the father of Othniel -one of the first judges. His brother was Caleb.

    All the best


  2. CONGRATULATION.Its really heartwarming to see a new life added to your family.GONG XI

  3. My friends – awesome to hear everything went well, Haga and Kenaz looks great!

    But where’s Jesse? Did he pass out?!


  4. well done, good pictures. We toasted him over our Kugel, tunafish, egg salad, and orange juice…. breaking the fast tonight.

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