Aug 082006

I love Jesse. He became my husband and father of our son. More than that, he is my best friend.

I have to confess. Last two or three years in row, I had forgotten our wedding anniversary (how hard to remember August 8). Of course, my wonderful Jesse never forgot.

I met Jesse in 1992. We had a wedding in 1999. Our first son was born in 2005. We will have a next one soon in October, 2006. I feel like we’ve came to a long way.

Life is very strange. I would never expect to find my partner in Beijing. How could I predict to move in China and raise kids??

As long as I am with Jesse, I am happy and my life will be OK.

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  4 Responses to “Wedding Anniversary!”

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    We love you,
    Mom and Dad

  2. Bonne anniversaire!
    Bonne séjour à Suzhou.

  3. Happy anniversary!

    PS – I’m the reader from San Diego who asked about learning Mandarin a few months back. Turns out I’m learning Japanese now, go figure :P.

    Take care and congrats,


  4. Thank you for your comments, everybody!

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