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This is information for local expats who are considering having their baby in Suzhou.

It was really hot weekend. We do not have a shopping mall to hang around in Suzhou, so we took a hospital tour at Kawloon hospital on Sunday. We could not get a copy of price and service. A head nurse was very stubborn about leaking info or taking responsibility for any reasons. At first, we were upset. Then we kind of understand …its Chinese culture. So we asked one of nurse to hand write down on a paper some information. Everything is in Chinese and the hand-writing was hard to read, so my translation might be different from the original. Jesse likes to go with a Room B package. There will be a room for him and Akiva. I am a bit surprised how expensive these are. I guess China has a single child policy. Child birth is once a life event for them. They are willing to pay a lot (when we were at the tour, all room Cs were full). The nurse told Jesse that the cost of all medicines and medical services are included in the price below. So basically, the rates are dependant on the type of room you want for after-birth recovery.

The Cost of Private Room Package (4days)

Normal Vaginal Delivery
Room A 12000RMB (USD1500) – a private room with a separated living room with door
Room B 10000RMB (USD1300) – a private room with a living room w/o door
Room C 8000RMB (USD1000) – a private room

Caesarean Delivery
Room A 17000RMB (USD2100)
Room B 15000RMB (USD1900)
Room C 13000RMB (USD1630)

20% additional for multi delivery

The following services are included to the above price.

1 Privacy
On your delivery, OB/GYN, paediatrician, midwife, and nurse will be at your room and they will provide safe delivery and privacy.

2 Experienced doctors and nurses
All rooms and equipments are safety checked by doctor. All nurses are about five years experienced.

3 Nutritious 3 time meals a day will be provided during your stay

4 All nursing services
All nursing services are provided for mother and baby before, during, and after delivery. Your family also can attend your delivery.
Mother: After delivery, nursing practice and caring new born baby will be guided.
Baby: measuring jaundice, Listening test, vaccination, bath once a day, nursing twice a day.

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  1. I am habitant of Suzhou, I think you are fooled by this hospital as it offen happened to us.
    Do you know, in china hospitals and schools are considered as bandit, but we have no choise.
    When they encounnter foreigners or someone seems to be rich, they raise the price systematically.
    Even for us, we struggle in the expensive life in Suzhou.

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