Aug 042006

We have a new Ayi (home helper/babysitter) started at last week. She also helps me cook lunch. She is afraid I would not like her taste. So far she has cooked one dish per day. It is all Suzhou style Chinese fry food which tastes a little bit sweet.

I normally don’t like to do deep-fry, because it is messy. We have a Teflon pan and wok. I use only a bit of oil to cook. In my kitchen, a glass bottle of 500ml olive oil will last for half year. Our new Ayi finished our half year supply for a week and she bought a giant size of Arawana brand veggie oil. Arawana brand oil has a gold Koi looking fish on red package. I see it at every Chinese kitchen. I don’t know if I can get used to see the fish on my kitchen counter.

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  1. i sympathize with your oily condition….my father in law does all the cooking and its sooooooooo oily that in the past year i have packed on nearly 15 pounds of fat….i feel embarrassed to finally ask him at this point to change his cooking habits, perhaps use less oil or olive oil since i have eaten his cooking for nearly a year….my wife says that its his/chinese cooking style and I say “bs” cuz my mother, who happens to be Mexican, us to cook everything with pig fat then when we became aware of how dangerous that was she CHANGED her cooking!….its possible….its just the whole loosing face thing that complicates things…well…good luck with breaking your request to your oil happy ayi…hek el Chikano

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