Aug 172006

It is my routine to take Akiva to a playground in my apartment complex, when the out side of temperature gets cooler. All my neighbors tell me “Oh my god, you should not do this. You are pregnant”. I tell them I am OK and I have a babysitter until 4. Their answer is always “but you do not have a 24hours live in babysitter!!”

When I carry Akiva (usually he loves to walk) on the street, people stare at me or some time yell at me not to carry. When I ride an electric bike and put Akiva on the back seat, people always mention safety (I know I have a responsibility of three lives).

It is funny usually these people are not young moms after single child policy. It is grandmas who took care of 2 or 3 own children and still have to take care of their grandchild. I guess they know how labor intense to raise small children.

I am having an easy time. If I were in Japan or the USA, we cannot afford a fulltime babysitter. I have to take care of my children by myself, like any other moms.

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