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“Love Baby” is a baby’s toys and cloths store. “Baby Love” is their competitor which also carries the similar baby stuffs. A store manager at “Love Baby” told me wherever they open store, “Baby Love” opens at the next door.

I see this type of business in China a lot.

My Nokia cell phone did not turn on, so we took it to a Nokia repair shop this weekend. We arrived there by taxi. Our taxi driver did not know where is the shop so we were looking around and we saw a “Nokia” sign. I had no doubt the Nokia repair shop is at the corner. We went in and had a repair guy to check. My cell phone need to replace software. It would take only a half hour. Akiva was sleeping on Jesse’s arms. We decided to hang around at the store. There was a magazine stand outside of the shop. I went out to buy a Jesse’s favorite Chinese magazine “FHM” (usually he reads it in the train to go to Shanghai and learns new pick up lines or Chinese dirty jokes). Unfortunately the stand did not carry the magazine. Jesse came out from the repair shop too and pointed out the next door, said this is the Nokia! The both shops look the same, but when I am far enough I get to see the sign above the shop. One shop said San Ming electric shop on top of the Nokia logo.
We went back in the shop and asked the manager what differences. The manager said they provide the same quality services and products as next door Nokia authorized service center but cheaper. My cell phone is older than a year and out of warranty. There is at least an hour waiting line at Nokia authorized service center.

My cell phone was repaired at the not authorized repair shop. So far it is working fine. This time we saved some money and time (I guess). However I have to watch out Chinese business trick.

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  1. Greatly enjoyed your blog, used to live in Suzhou, and also Tokyo, found the whole thing most natsukashi. Thank you.

  2. hmmm… yes, Chinese are very “smart” indeed…. in fact, this is not happening only in China, it’s happening everywhere in the world.

    It happens that my parents operate a succesful food stall in Singapore. Guess what, a mainland Chinese opened a shop selling similar food just next to my parents’ stall.

    They sell lower prices and they misled new customers into thinking they are ordering from my parents’ stall.

    Fortunatly, the Mainland competitor couldn’t withstand competition (they set unrealistic low price *shrug*) and they closed up their shop after operating for a couple of months.

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  4. FiMONW The best blog you have!

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