Jul 012006

Uncle Tony came through today. Major score. He send a care package. A birthday present for me and some presents for the better part of the family. I got several science fiction novels. Awesome! For Akiva, a Stars-and-Stripes sun visor, so that he can shade his sensitive eyes from the hot sun, while at the same time showing everyone around him that he is not Chinese nor Japanese, but actually from The United States of America, and therefore is an ardent supporter of Freedom and Democracy. Just in time for July 4th too. Additionally, Akiva received a another cool set of trousers and a red striped shirt.

Haga received small-size fitness clothes. Including a sports bra…(I thought a nursing bra by Haga)


(scratching head….)

(why a sports bra? What is he thinking? I’m I missing something? Should I get his girlfriend a Victoria’s Secret bra or something?)

But anyway, Haga is happy she received that. Small size in China are made for girls that grew up eating rice and grass and never exercised in their lives. She needs to buy XXL here. But US small size fits her great.

Thank You Tony! We miss you.

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  1. Hi family,ive tried and failed before to send you a message,but must have ADD and am hopeless..congratulations on new son in the works, and i enjoy this blogg more than any current literature.be well,love you,gayle

  2. Hi Jesse, Haga, and little Akiva!’

    So glad you received everything ok…I was concerned about the combination of the US Postal office and China resulting in some other family in Shanghai enjoying your stuff!

    Love you guys…


  3. Hi,
    Since Tony’s stuff got there, I’ll assume our stuff will too. Before I send it out though, do you need more “little boy” clothes for Akiva? What size does he wear. Love you much, You look great Haga.

  4. Good to hear from you all. I know you check our blog occasionally, but seeing your comment makes us very happy.

    Sue, I think Akiva has enough summer cloths for this year. We will let you know if we need something.

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