Jul 282006

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA SOPHIE!!! We miss you and love you.

Jesse and I went Kawloon hospital in Suzhou for 30 weeks check up.

We saw Dr. Ge who speaks OK English. She measured my belly and said it is too small. I was a bit surprised. I feel quite big yet when I looked around Chinese pregnant girls. They are huge. Jesse also compared with them and said, “I thought you are huge but actually you are small”. Then the doctor listened to baby’s heart beat. She said she cannot hear it. I didn’t take it seriously because Chinese doctors have been telling me everything negative up front. At the last check up, baby’s heart beat was fine. I feel baby is kicking every day. On the other hand, Jesse was completly freaked out. The doctor suggested doing a special ultrasound to check baby’s heart structure. We paid 300RMB for regular ultrasound and extra 500RMB for special ultrasound.

The ultrasound technician spoke very good English and she looked at baby. She said 90% is a baby boy. My dream of brushing daughter’s hair and makeing a pony tail was disappeared. She also analyzed baby’s organs and heart. She said baby’s heart beat is normal and the structure has no problem. The size of baby is also normal for my week. Jesse asked the technician why the doctor said the baby is small and the heart might be weak. The technician told us measuring belly sometime cannot tell exactly how big baby is. It is also hard to hear baby’s heart beat through belly. Jesse was a kind of upset then doctor should’t have scared us such a way.

Jesse is son of doctor. He believes all patents must listen to doctor’s suggestion. I agree. However I think I don’t need to listen to Chinese OB/GYN’s suggestion seriously. In fact, I am going to ignore her suggestion. She told me to count baby’s moving for an hour every day at the same time.

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  1. akiva is so cute now~~
    he totaly looks like haga!

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