Jul 062006

Everyday is HOT, over 95F!
Akiva decided to jump into a bucket.

By the end of June, Akiva officially turned into toddler.

He used to cry for hours especially after afternoon nap. Nothing would stop him. He seemed to not know why he was crying. I had to hold him forever. It was torture. I was actually afraid to put him down for afternoon nap. He no longer cries for hours for nothing.

Because he doesn’t cry for no reason, he stopped sucking his finger to calm him down in day time (he occasionally sucks his two fingers while he is sleeping).

The biggest change for me is he is not clingy. He did not allow me to have any time by my self. Now he leaves on my arms at baby group and goes to play with toys or other kids. I can have a conversation with other moms.

He helps around at house. He put back clean laundry to drawer. He likes take a trash to garbage bin. He tries to fix my hair (very sweet!). He can also take a simple command. When I am lazy to pick up stuff (I have a big belly now!), I can point out the stuff and ask him to bring it to mommy.

On the other hand, some things are getting tougher. He often chose to not to listen to us. Even though we tell him to sit on the chair while he is on the table, he ignores our direction and does with I-know-what-I- am-doing smile. This actually makes us harder to eat out.

He gets very upset if we do not allow him to do what he wants. He also gets upset when we interrupt him.

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  1. great stuff!

    That pic of your child in the bucket is priceless! Makes me think of that song we were forced to learn in elementary school about a leaky bucket!
    Keep blogging


  2. Thank you, chicanohek!

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