Jul 272006

I got very sick over the weekend. I usually don’t get high fever. I had a little fever for a couple days with worst headache, then runny nose with headache for another couple days.

Thursday I was much better. I was taking a nap with Akiva. I touched his legs. I was almost jumped out from the bed. He was hot like hot potato!! I was in a panic. I went to look for infants’ fever medicine. I found rectal one. I was ready to stick it into his small butt. The capsule had been melted by Chinese heat. I calmed down myself.
Next four days he had fever 100F to 103F. He couldn’t go to sleep at night for a week. We gave him a baby Tylenol. On the other hand, he had a good appetite. He was active in daytime. He had his 18 months old birthday with runny nose. I felt very lucky he is very strong and healthy. He didn’t have any fever (and major illness) until now.

Now Jesse is sick. He has fever and runny nose. Summer cold is nasty and stubborn.

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