Jun 082006

Haga and Akiva are coming back on the 18th . I cannot wait. I miss them so much.

I have not cleaned the house, cooked, or done much since they left. So I have to find someone to clean the house for me. Or perhaps actually do it myself.

BTW…Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and miss you.

I’m going to Songjiang in a few hours to attend a program on advanced coaching skills. I don’t know where Songjiang is, other than its one of the burrows of Shanghai City that I never wanted to go to. Technically it’s a part of Shanghai city. But its mainly a place where there are farms and factories and crumbly buildings in equal parts.

I went to the German Festival last weekend. They had a Chinese band that played Gypsie Kings. It was a wholesome family event until after dinner the head of the German community organization decided that they needed to have a drinking contest for 90 minutes. Later during the night, he started calling for the hot chicks to come up to the stage and join in the contest. I met a Chinese GM of a company who was trying to show the Germans how Northern Chinese people can keep up with the drinking. Later that same guy then got in his car to drive home to Kunshan…45 minutes away. I was disappointed in the whole thing though because the beer was better last year. And last year I won an IPod and a Playstation 2 in the raffle…this year I didn’t win anything. I met some cool people though, and yes, I did get a little drunk.

I just went out on a shopping trip and bought a new IPod (the battery on the old one was shot…and it didn’t include the warrantee), and new expensive backback. I spend about $50 the German-made backpack…and its awesome. Good quality zippers. Water proof. And there is like a mesh thing that lifts the bag off my back, so its very comfortable. I also got the new Ipod because I really need to tune-out the sound of people sometimes…especially when I’m waiting for the train or bus, or if I’m at a restaurant and someone next to me is eating with their mouth open…loudly. On the same shopping trip, I bought two books from the limited selection central bookstore; John LeCarre “Absolute Friends”, (he wrote “The Tailor of Panama”, which was made into a movie with Pierse Brosnan) and Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. I also got my bike re-tuned, so it feels like new.

Anyway, got to go and pack and find the post-office to pick up some packages from home and eat and wash and brush my teeth and make phone calls and remember to pack my phone-charger and ipod charger and take out the trash and go to the bathroom and … well you don’t need to know everything.

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  1. Clean the house for us! We are coming back in a week with grandma.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sue!

  3. Jesse i know it´s been a while but happy belated b-day i know it was on may 17th, when is haga´s is it Sep 30th???
    Email me san say hi to haga and the rest of the gang.
    Love, Lucia

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