Jun 152006

I guess now that I’m older, I get cards with less balloons and more trees and gold lettering. I received your cards Mom and Dad…Thank you and I love you. And this means that the address I gave you will get to me (although I have to ride my bike a couple of miles to the post office to pick it up…no big deal though)

My parents tell me I’m making the right decisions and they don’t worry about me as much now. Which is great to hear. Although I worry and wonder if I make the right decisions all the time.

I attended a three day seminar on coaching skills the other day. Actually, I facilitated the course, but I learned a lot while doing that. Been very busy at work lately. A little stressed about it though but I’ll manage.

Been watching bad movies before I fall asleep. Ratings are on a scale of 1 (horrible – Titanic) to 5 (Star Wars): Hostel (3); Saw (2); The Sound of Thunder (2); The Complete Season 6 of Smallvile (5); The Matador (4); Lucky Number Slevin (3);Aeon Flux (2…but the animated series is great); Doom – with “The Rock” (1); Underworld Evolutions (1)

Haga, Akiva, and Great Grandma are coming back Saturday. I can’t wait.

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  1. Jesse/Haga/Akiva!

    I sent you a care package from USA last Friday, you should be getting it by Thursday, so the US Postal Office promised! Let me know when you get it, ok?


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