May 022006

Three days of labour’s day holiday started at May 1st. We made a big mistake to go to a most happing shopping street “GuanQian Jie” at the fist day. There were people everywhere. We managed to go to a flower and bird outdoor market which sells plants, flowers, Chinese gardening decoration stones, and various pets. The market was actually very nice. A lot of greens made us relaxed.

At the market, we found a rattan furniture store and found a hanging a rattan chair I have wanted. The chair is attached to a metal bar and swings and bounces like a rocking chair. We almost bought it but we didn’t know where to put it. It takes too much space on our balcony although it is kind of nice to hang around there.

We stayed the market by lunch time. I wanted to eat, but there were many people at every restaurant. Jesse completely lost his apatite by the noises. When he doesn’t want to eat or doesn’t know what he wants to eat, we will have a problem. Most the time he doesn’t like my choice although he says he doesn’t care or he is not hungry. It is better for our family to let him decide what we eat. We wondered around on the crowded main street and checked out a couple of restaurants. Finally we decided to go to a small Japanese curry restaurant/bar. It was Jesse’s decision and good one (my decision was MacDonald. Now you know why he doesn’t like my choice). The restaurant/bar is on a small street from one block away from the main street. I felt it was like an oasis. The restaurant was so quiet and played jazz. There was a bar counter and six stools, and two small tables against the wall. It is very small and narrow space and remains me restaurants and bars in Tokyo. The owner is a quiet cool looking Suzhounese who studied in Japan. We had a good home made curry for 15RMB and charged back our energy there. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of restaurant or street for you guys.

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  1. Haga and Jesse my friend!

    I like your hair Haga, it looks great long. And Akiva will be very handsome when he grows up (like his uncle Tony of course!!)

    Seems like you are very happy there; I miss you guys so much.


  2. We miss you too. We also miss a lot of things in CA.

    Can we meet you up in Thailand sometime?!

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