May 242006

So today is my birthday. I’m 36. Don’t really feel like I’m 36. Or maybe I do. Don’t know.

Haga, Akiva, and the unborn son are in Japan visiting family. They will be back on June 18th . I miss them so dearly. I miss seeing Akiva smile at me in the morning when I’m trying to go back to sleep. I so miss seeing him. I hope he doesn’t completely forget me. But this is good for him and her. Grandma can help take care of him. Haga told me he is starting to play with his cousins (at least he thinks he is playing with them).

I’m very busy this month. I just taught a class on negotiation skills (100% in Chinese) to a group of managers in Guangzhou. The first day didn’t go so good…they said I seemed tense and my speaking for too slow. The second day went really well though. At least, that’s what they told us. I didn’t bring the camera so I didn’t take pictures of the Dim Sum I ate there. I did have the most authentic Turkish food I have ever had though. It was awesome.

Guangzhou is actually a pretty cool city. Traffic is bad, but not as bad as Shanghai. People are more casual and less pretentious (than Shanghai people)…that’s good and bad. Sometimes its people’s pretentions that make them interesting to watch. They on average have better English skills there. And Guangzhou guys are stronger and cooler. The girls are really skinny and short though.

I’m not doing anything for my birthday but working. On the weekend I’ll probably have dinner with my American friend Tavon and my Chinese friend Jeff; their birthdays are around the same time. Tavon just got fired from his high-end job…selling Vodka to bars. I feel sad about this…he didn’t have time to take me out to expensive bars and expense the drinks. He was upset, but I was more upset. But to console him, I told him about how I got fired from Gamestop (the retail video game store) because they didn’t think I was manager material.

Anyway, I will try to keep you all posted of interesting things happening

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  5 Responses to “Its your birthday….my your candles burn…like the cities burn (Viking Raider Birthday Song)”

  1. Happy birthday!

    Do you know Chinese 12 animals – Shengxiao? It’s a dog year, so your animal is dog, the same to me(I’m 24, younger than your for one cycle :_)

  2. I like your new blog design. Happy Birthday, Jesse.

  3. You will grow wiser as you age my brother – happy birthday to you Jesse!


  4. HI Honey,
    did you get my card yet? e-mail me. Love, Mom

  5. Hi Mom,

    I received packages a few days ago, but I have not picked it up yet. Will go out for it today.


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