Apr 072006

I liked a Simon’s Kitchen Bakery in Suzhou Garden Villa, SND. Their check out girl was super nice. They have bagels (not American style), decent breads and cakes. I went there at least one a week. When never I went, there was hardly any other customer. It was very quiet. Location was almost hidden. Soon they are moving to SIP. SIP will have three Simon’s Kitchen Bakeries (currently SIP has two).

Simon’s Kitchen Bakeries in SIP are very popular, especially in Singa Plaza. It is good location at the corner of restaurant mall and cross the street from Starbucks. This Simon’s Kitchen Bakery is more like a diner. You can sit and enjoy their western food, coffee and cakes and pies. They also sell breads. However I don’t like to buy breads there. Everyone smokes after food or with coffee. Cigarette smoke may not affect the taste of bread, but I don’t feel right to buy bread at smoky bakery.

Simon’s Kitchen Bakery in ZuoAn shopping mall doesn’t sell bread, but they have food and coffee. Today we tried their lunch buffet. It didn’t look good, but we were hungry. We decided to give a try. It was all you can eat buffet with coffee and deserts. Buffet menu change daily. Today we had fruit salad, some Chinese tofu, fish dishes, Thai style yellow carry, fried pork, spaghetti, and fried rice etc. I liked the tofu dish a lot. We tried all their deserts, black forest cake, pudding, cream puff, fruit pie, could be cheese cake, and ice creams. Their cakes weren’t moisture enough. The pudding didn’t have caramel source and very eggy. I never had a good cream puff in Suzhou. Their deserts didn’t satisfy my very very sweet teeth. Yet I thought over all it was good buffet. I will come back here again. The atmosphere was present. They have a loft style 2nd floor which is the smoking area (I thought it makes sense). The waitresses were happy. It was also beautiful day. They had out door tables. Eating under nice sun light made lunch taste better.

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