Apr 162006

It was nice Sunday. Akiva brought a bucket and shovel to a central park in SIP.He is waving at a cleaning lady.There were already many kids at park.

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  1. Hey dudes! It´s Lucia!
    Everybody looks great! Akiva seem to be taking bigs steps in life literaly. Im here in my little city just waiting the time to go back to school maybe in USA if i can get a student-religious visa. Our missionary here in Mexico will find out if it is possible to go back legaly, otherwise i will study at the bible college in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mex.
    Please take care ans say hi to all friends and fam.

  2. Haga and Jesse my friend!

    I like your hair Haga, it looks great long. And Akiva will be very handsome when he grows up (like his uncle Tony of course!!)

    Seems like you are very happy there; I miss you guys so much.


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