Apr 032006

We finally bought a new digital camera two months after I dropped the old one on the hard stone floor and broke it. Jesse took it to two repair shops but we came to conclusion to buy a new one.

Here is the first shot at the central park in SIP, Suzhou.

Saturday we went to a dim sum restaurant, HiYi Dynasty, several blocks away from our new apartment. We rode a bike there. We had (we think) typical dim sum dishes; shrimp dumpling, seafood shumai, daikon cake and rice porridge. They had good service. When Akiva broke their plate, the floor manager ran up and first asked us if Akiva is OK (most restaurants we go don’t have this type of manner). We think some of the dim sum at GuTing restaurant tastes better but we will come back to HiYi again… at least I thought when I was at the restaurant. One hour after the lunch I started having a bad headache. I was also extremely thirsty. I know there was lot of MSG on their food. Jesse didn’t have the symptom. I ate The rice porridge and Jesse didn’t…that might have had a lot of MSG or Jesse is just insensitive. Anyway now I don’t want to go back there again. Jesse does though.

HiYi Dynasty – XingDuo Center 1F SuHui Road 128

Sunday we went to an inexpensive Korean restaurant in the GuiDo Neighborhood Centre. There are many Korean restaurants in SIP but most the Korean restaurants are middle to high price from our standard. When we were in Shanghai, we went to a good North Korean restaurant which serves bipbimba (spicy rice in a hot metal pot) for RMB10 ($1.25). The Korean restaurant in the GuiDo Neighborhood Centre has RMB15 of bipbimba and Korean Buffalo wings for free appetizer. Their place was Sunday dinner crowded. It seemed popular among people like us [Jesse edit: meaning non-rich people who like to eat at cheap restaurants]. We will go back there and try their cold noodle.

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