Apr 092006

We went to Shanghai to pick up a Passover matzah at Shanghai Jewish Center.
We had a lunch at Haya’s Mediterranean. When we lived in Shanghai two years ago, we often went there to eat their fresh homos and pita sandwich. We also bought their bagels and halla a lot. Haya and her family are from Israel. She seems in charge of the café. Her son takes care of the bakery. Once she invited us to their Rosh Hashana. She had about twenty good looking Israeli guests. She served excellent excellent food which normally we don’t eat at Jesse’s family for Rosh Hashana. They also had a great apple cinnamon halla which I never forget.Today we ordered the same stuffs, fresh homos and pita sandwich. They had new desert, Baklava which I had to try. These all tasted delicious, especially the baklava brought me back to the memory with my good friend Ingrid in Oakland. Once she took me to a wonderful bakery. We had a honey dripping baklava which also I cannot forget.

Akiva is eating a baby pita just like mom.

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