Mar 132006

I think I am pregnant. I haven’t made sure to use a home pregnancy test or to go to OBGYN yet. But I know I am pregnant. If the’s calculation is right (by the way, the is great resource. They send me a weekly update of baby and toddler’s information), I am ten weeks pregnant. My due is October 3rd.

I am planning to have the second one at a Chinese hospital in Suzhou. Yet I am a little bit afraid. I am not nervous about labor. It is just an idea of going to a Chinese hospital seems already very hassle, although I am going to see an English speaking doctor with VIP treatment. Anyway, I have to go see a doctor soon.

If you had a baby in Suzhou and happened to read my blog, give me some advice!

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  1. I’m trying to tell gayle how to do this. It is not a real message. Love Mom

  2. Good luck with the baby!! ^__^

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