Feb 062006

Patong Beach, the most “happning” beach in Phuket.

Thai warm weather made Akiva’s life simple. And Thai people made him smiley.

When Akiva is in Suzhou, he wears a dipper, a under ware shirt, a toe covered sleeper, shirt, sweater, and pant. When he goes outside, he wear head to toe covered sky jacket with glove, bootees and extra ear covered hat over the indoor clothes. In Thailand, he was good to go with only dipper. He was often free style on the beach. He loved less hassle.

Thail street food in Patong

Thai people are very found of baby. Everyone smiled at him. When we went to shopping mall in Patong, all teenage girls wanted to pork Akiva’s chubby cheeks (although he was very sleepy he was happy to let the girls do so). When we were in the ocean after sun set (Thai people go to the beach before sun rise or after sun set, so they don’t get darker. To me they look already very dark), all toddlers and kids wanted to play with Akiva and again wanted to poke his cheeks and squeeze his soft arms and thigh. When we sat on the porch in our bungalow, walking-by cleaning ladies and front desk people entertained Akiva constantly.

Bangtao beach is very quiet. Akiva played sand every day.

Sometime Akiva acted like a boy’s band star with big almost fake smile. Sometime he acted like a king with courtesy smile. He seemed know how to select his social behaviors with different smiles.

Bangtao Laguna Bungalows was 200m from the beach by walking.

I have traveled in Thailand three times in winter. The first time was with my girl’s friend. The second time was with Jesse two years ago. And this time was with family. Every trip convinced me Thailand is great country to travel (with anyone!!).

Akiva loved water.

I need to mention how excellent Thai food is! (We learned how to say “No spicy” in Thai languages for baby). Akiva liked Tom Yong Goug (Thai soup), Pat Thai (Thai fried noodle) and rice porridge. Tropical fruits are delicious!! Mangosteen is amazing! I love sticky rice with mongo (which our friend Tony introduced me two years ago). Thai deserts are also very good, enough sweet to make my sweet teeth satisfied.

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  3 Responses to “Great Family Vacation in Phuket, Thailand”

  1. Glad you guys had a good time. I love you, mom

  2. PS Can we get more photos with Haga in them? I love you Jess but we want to see Haga too!
    Love, Mom

  3. Our digital camera got broken when we were in Phuket. We don’t have many pictures. I am usually a photographer and camera man but I will ask Jesse or some other people to take more pictures of me next time.

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