Dec 132005

We went to Bullfighter Stake House for all you can eat salad bar. All main dishes stake, beef stew, or noodle, come with a salad bar including coffee, fruit drinks, cakes, and ice creams.
A week after I moved from the State, Jesse took me there. I didn’t like their food. I thought salad bar was too Chinese, jelly fish, five spices beef, and dry tofu salad. I also thought their desserts were for diabetics. Their ice creams were not rich enough, taste like none fat and low sugar ice cream. I didn’t taste any sweet on their chocolate cake. Now days I like to go there. Chinese salads are not bad. I don’t taste cream cheese, but their cheese cake is OK. I like their dog biscuit like cookies. At least I can have fresh green salad for RMB39 (5 dollars). By the way, no matter what kind of ice creams, Jesse has to pill it like Mt. Everest.

Bullfighter Stake House
111 Shishang Road, SND
or 92 Business Street, SIP

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