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In 1991, when I was an exchange student at Beijing University, there was street food stands in every corners. My favorite was jian-bing-guo-zi stands at the south gate. Jain-bing-guo-zi is like a Northern Chinese burrito, egg, none-sweet doughnut, some cilantro rolled by crape. You can make it spicy or not. I ate it everyday as snack. I quickly gained a lot of weigh. Years and years after, I am in China and eating my favorite Chinese snack jian-bing-guo-zi. In Suzhou, it is hardly find a good Northern food. Suzhou people tend to dislike Beijing food.
One morning a jiang-bing-guo-zi stand was a corner of my apartment. I was very excited. It is hard to find a Northern Chinese food in Suzhou because Suzhou people don’t like salty food. In addition to that, there is less and less food stand nowadays, because government is trying to control tax or sanitation.
Jiang-bing-guo-zi tastes exactly the same as back then, but as I remember you tiao (doughnut) was soft not thin crunchy. Jesse thinks it was crunchy. I have to confirm with Josh and Ingrid, our good friends from Beijing. One jiang-bing-guo-zi is RMB1.5 yuan. Back then it was like RMB0.2 mao. I think world wrapps franchise in the state should add jiang-bing-guo-zi to their menu.

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  1. About six weeks ago I posted a story about my own romance with the Dan Bing.

    You can read it and watch videos here:


  2. it’s almost impossible for me to believe i’m saying this, but it was crunchy. jesse is right.

  3. Now I am not sure soft or crunchy, but I think there was sesame…

  4. I didn’t know jian bing guo zi has another name “Dan Bing”. When I read the comment from Dave, I thought he wants me read his love romance with some Chinese guy name Dan Bing. Sorry Dave!

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