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We have five different breakfast places in 3 minutes walking distance from our apartment. 1) The Chinese family restaurant which sells breakfast in the morning, rice pouch, youtiao (Chinese donuts but not sweet), buns and soymilk. 2) In the vege market, there is a bun shop, we call a big boob girl’s bun shop (Jesse will describe her later). They sell only buns and soymilk from morning till night. 3) The corner of vege market, there is Chinese flat pancake shop sells a sliced potato inside of crape, one thousand layer crape, soba and corn flower buns with delicious soymilk and tofu drink (I am totally addicted their soy products). 4) And one more place sells Jian bin guo zi run by young either couple or brother and sister. Jian bin guo zi is a Northern Chinese breakfast, you tiao (Chinese non sweet donut), egg, some pickles inside of crape. We support them because I think they came out from country side in North and dream about opening own restaurant. Currently they use a part of wall in a whole restaurant in the morning to sell jian bin guo zi.5) A street vender sells sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. He will disappear after 8 am.Yesterday a new Chinese bun shop opens where was used to be a pilot movie store. The store owner lady moved the movie store to a Japanese bar street and opened the bun shop and a flower shop there. The bun shop is a franchise and has an OK reputation. There was a long line yesterday and all buns were sold out before 9 a.m. Today we went there 8 a.m. if there is any left. They have at least fifteen different buns on menu, several porks and veges, sweet black bean, daikon, and seafood etc. Today we were able to buy four kinds, pork, Chinese cabbage, daikon, and sweet black bean . Their buns are bigger than other breakfast shops. I thought taste is OK but nothing special (I had better buns in Shiquan street in Suzhou or a famous Tianshang buns in Shanghai). But bigger size and variations may attract some people. We need to go back there again and try more different buns.

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  1. May I know what is the name of the Chinese bun store with the fifteen varieties? Sounds interesting

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