Oct 082005

We are back from vacation in Japan. It was a Chinese National Foundation Day. We had an extended five days weekend.

Akiva and I left Shanghai a week before the holiday to spend extra time with my Japanese family. Akiva was inspired by his cousins (2 & 5 years old girls). He sumo-wrestled with them. He went to see their sports festival and played in a sandbox his first time at their day care. Akiva also went to a spa “King’s Bath” four times with grand ma and great grand ma. He loved the temperature warm jacuzzi.

I was very worried about going out in Japan, because all I know was the Japanese corporate salary man culture and life – cold and tough. However in daytime and weekend, there is a lot of warmth and friendliness. Many strangers gave up their seats for us in the train. We had very kind supports at restaurant and other public areas.

Jesse and his best friend Erik from collage and his wife Heidi and baby Kirsten (2 years old) joined us at my parent’s house in Yokohama. We all went to Jesse’s favourite a hand-made soba noodle restaurant “Nakamura-an” in Kamakura.We took a bullet train to Kyoto. We stayed a guest house per person JPY2,000 in Kyoto. It is impossibly cheap. My father predicted we would get only two tatami mats room. We actually had three tatamis. It was a very shabby chic place with too many mosquitoes. I constantly burned mosquito repellent and made everything including myself smelled like the repellent. We went to Ryoanji, Zen temple which is famous for its rock garden.We went to Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) and Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion).
We took a Philosopher’s path and went to Honenin which is Jesse and my favourite shrine.
Akiva did a great job. He is still small and can fit into our Baby Björn. However when I am with him outside, I am not fully myself. More than half of my attention and energy goes on him. I become sensitive about Akiva. On the other hand I become insensitive to other things. It was only yesterday I was in Kyoto, but I feel like the trip happened only in my dream. I am so happy to get back home and truly relaxed. I think going to a neighbourhood park is the best vacation for me and Akiva.

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  1. I think I e-mailed you but I’m not sure. Haga, Happy Birthday! Please send your address so we can send you something. You all (especially Akiva) look great. It sounds like you had a really nice time. Erics and Heidi’s baby got so big! I love you all, Mom

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