Oct 302005

No, It’s Super Akiva, Super Haga, and Super Jesse!

We went to visit Haga’s friends (Miho, Cuni and their daughters Kazu -6 and Nana – 8) in Shanghai. They live in a gated, segregated (i.e. all foreigners and very few Asians…besides the maids) community in Pudong, near the botanical gardens. As you can see, we dressed as the Super-family. Haga put together the costumes and did a great job. There was a children’s costume parade and then trick-or-treating. We were the best looking family. No one really went all out with the costumes or tried to be scary. I told the girls that any house that does not give candy gets eggs thrown at it.

Later we went back to Haga’s friends house…really nice place. We had a big dinner and drank wine. I put Akiva to sleep at nine, then fell asleep next to him. Haga stayed up drinking until early morning. What a party girl!

In the morning, I made omelet and spicy potatoes for everyone, while Miho prepared some pancakes. After our hardy breakfast, we did a little shopping and then returned to Suzhou.

Akiva is going to become a musician.

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  2 Responses to “Look…Up in the sky!…It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane…”

  1. Old school black and white tv superman family, I love it. Jesse looks a bit like the superman from the blank and white tv show. This kind of positive family spirit is reassuring to see.

  2. We were threaten by the Incredibles and Buzz.

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