Sep 022005

There were several evidences we shouldn’t have gone out for dinner. 1) It is Friday night, 2) Akiva was out all afternoon with me at mom’s club, 3) I suggested to eat out and I ordered food (normally Jesse does). Any way we went to the Thai restaurant in Japanese bar street (actully it is called Business street, but there are so many Japanese bars, we called it JBS) in five minutes walking from our place. I ordered a typical Thai food: papaya salad, BBQ beef salad, Pad Thai, and pineapple rice. The restaurant was crowded with several big groups. We waited twenty minutes but still our food didn’t come out. Akiva was fussy. Jesse complained to the waiter a couple of times. Eventually our food came in the wrong order. The waiters paid attention to big tables, but not us. Jesse and I were frustrated and started nagging each other. It was supposed to be a nice Friday dinner experience, but went to the opposite direction. Although their Thai food is good and relatively reasonable, we may not go back there for a while, at least Friday night….

Red Curry
2nd Floor 19 Business Street, SND

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