Sep 162005

I have wanted to go to a Chinese tea house for a while. When Jesse and I went to Hangzhou in last summer, I saw several refurbished traditional tea houses, big heavy door with old Chinese metal ornaments, antique tables and chairs, and small round windows. We needed to kill a couple hours till our flight back to Shanghai, instead of staying one of those tea houses, we went to see a movie “The Day After Tomorrow”.One of moms organized for me to experience a Chinese tea house. We six moms and six babies with six Japanese light weight strollers took two taxis separately to the tea house. When we got off the taxi, there was a bunch of bicycle “Rikisha” drivers hanging around, they teased us “Six wives share one husband! Six babies share one daddy!” I thought it was funny, but all other moms ignored their joke.The tea house was quite modern, but they had good tea. I had a roasted sticky rice tea which was recommended by a waitress. Lotus leaf tea was quite popular among moms. I wasn’t sure if I can enjoy tea with Akiva, but it was OK. We stayed there from 1 to 4 pm. My tea was RMB48 with fruits and snacks. I had a good first Chinese tea house experience. Next time I want to go to a traditional tea house like I saw in Hangzhou. By the way, that night I could not sleep. I think my tea had a decent amount of caffeine.
Fortune Court Tea House (next to Humble Administrator’s Garden)
No. 168 Group B Room 1-8 yuan wai yuan
Dongbei Street, Pingjian Borough

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