Sep 082005

It’s been cool and dry like California weather. It is time for us to check a night market. I am so fortunate to have a good sense of smell and strong digestion. I never had any stomach issues eating out from street venders.Plates were covered by plastic bag, so they don’t need to be washed each time. Beer came in thin plastic cup (I spilled my beer all over my jeans because I forgot how wriggly a plastic cup is).It is not fancy, but it was fun.We had cold cucumber appetizer, potato dish, stir-fried lettuce, mala tofu, and stir-fried noodle, a typical Chinese food. It wasn’t too oily. I had no expectation so I enjoyed their fresh cook food. Akiva didn’t get bored at all. He was looking around people and wondering where these noises are coming from.The fruit vender lady kept smiling at Akiva . BTW, I support femal street venders so I bought pears and oranges from her after dinner.

I think the night market guys made our food a first priority, because I kept hearing them mentioning about “the foreigner (=Jesse)”. “The foreigner wants spicy”, “The noodle is for the foreigner!” etc. However Jesse didn’t appreciate to be called “the foreigner”, so he told them to call him “The Cool Guy” next time.

Night Market at Open Vegetable Market(day time)
Lion Mountain Rd, SND

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  1. the cool guy? lets hope it sticks. …….the breeze

  2. Most Chinese people like Jesse’s taste of humour. Perhaps, our apartment security guys, maintenance guys love him (They all call Jesse a full name “Jesse Covner” with respect). I bet the night market guys will call him the cool guy next time (it doesn’t mean they agree).

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