Sep 202005

Akiva is going to be 8 month on 25th of September. He can sit without support, crawl, pull his self up to stand, walk holding on to furniture, and say “Mommm Mam, Pap Pap Pa” (he does not know what these mean). He started eating chicken and using a sippy cup to drink. He can sleep comfortably by his self in his own crib (with his teddy bear, so cute). He is a big boy now. At the same time, he started having separation anxiety. When I am in the kitchen out of his sight, he will get upset. He will try to find me and follow me, crawl and stand up without focus. He will often fall and hit his head on the floor and cry harder.According to a book “The American Academy of Pediatrics, Your Baby’s First Year”, this separation anxiety usually peaks between ten and eighteen months, and then fades during the last half of the second year. It sounds really long.Graco’s new stroller from the state is 115 dollars. Combi’s light weigh stroller made in China is about 90 dollars (RMB719)

On the other hand, when was the last time someone needed me so badly? – Never. This might be the greatest love I ever get, very condensed need for ten months or so. Still hopefully Akiva will pass though this period quicker.An American brand formula is about 20 dollars (RMB145). Is it because a single child policy? baby stuffs are not cheap in China

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  1. Haga, you are, as always, great. Akiva is the most perfect young boy. I hope I can get free tickets to his many, many movie premieres . . .

    Jesse, make your friggin posts shorter. I like the concept, but it degenerates into commie over detail.


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