Aug 072005

Today we had a full of activities. In the morning, we went to a whole sale market to buy pashmina scarf. In China, there is no mall. Department store is for rich people. You have to know the place and street for shopping. Chinese people like to open the same store right next to their competitors. Streets are often became a shopping street like a tool store street, a kids outfit street, or a kitchen aware street. There is no advertisement. You need to have a network to do successful shopping.I found this whole sale /flea market on blog which is updated by a Japanese wife living in Suzhou. She is very active. Her blog has a lot of good pictures and information about Suzhou. Since I haven’t built a good shopping network, her blog became very useful.Yet I was very skeptical about this market. Chinese stores often sell a lot of junks like what you can find at a dollar store in the US. I still enjoyed hunting around shops when I had no baby in Shanghai. Now I have Akiva. Chinese street is not stroller friendly. I often need to babybjorn him. It is supper hot and muggy. Shopping became pain in a neck. Anyway, Typhoon Matsa has come and gone. It was cool today. We took a taxi to the market. It is a huge market and spread around, looks like you can find any thing there. When I got off from taxi I immediately started having a hunter spirit. Jesse also got excited. He was going to a Chinese chess and knives aisle. Luckily we found scarves. Jesse started having a stomach ache so we went back home for a little bit rest. In the afternoon, we took a taxi to TaiHu lake to meet up Jesse’s friend who is having a vacation at marina club by the lake. We had a lot of catching up with the friend. It is very nice to see our old friend from Shanghai. Then we took a taxi back to home and rest a little bit and meet up another friend for dinner. We went to a Japanese restaurant. We had a good time at the restaurant to discuss a random future business plans. Akiva also had a good time to be held by many Chinese girls today.

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  1. Hi!

    Your blog was like a welcomed float in the massive sea.

    I m a new mum with a 3 month old baby in Suzhou. Due to the cold, we haven’t been able to explore much. Your friend’s blog on suzhou’s shopping scene would be very helpful. Sadly, i couldn’t read japanese. Would you be able to help?

    Been wanting to get a combi stroller for seth,but we have absolutely no idea where to go.

    God! Sure makes me miss the familiarity of home… and friends…

  2. Hi Sarah,

    If you see this page again, please email either me (Jesse) or Haga. We can meet up some time. BTW, combi stroller you can get at many places. We got ours at one of the several shops next to the Childrens Hospital on SanXiang Road (near Renmin road). YOu can also go to one of the department stores…But make sure you get a made in China Combi…the Made in Japan Combi costs X5

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