Aug 262005

Akiva in a bassinet

Akiva’s second time to cross the Pacific Ocean.

I used to think a cheaper flight is best. All I need is good movies and quiet time to fall in sleep or read a book. American Airline is best. Their flight attendances are often large and old. They don’t do nothing but sitting (One time when I asked a blanket, a flight attendance said “Why can you ask me at once?? I just brought a blanket for other customer”). Now I am traveling with baby. I need a good service.
JAL provids a cute baby meal

Traveling baby is always nervous. But Jesse and I enjoy a first class treat. We don’t need to be a line for check in or boarding (expect SouthWest or could be domestic? by the way, SouthWest calls baby under two a lap baby).Akiva cried and slept a lot on the way fly back to China. He was very tired and sleepy. He has to cry loud before falling in sleep. He was so loud at one point. A flight attendant asked me if he is suffering from a pain of ear infection. Akiva is still on the California time. He is having a difficult time to adjust back to the China time. Jesse thinks because of the day light. The sun is under the clouds and the sun light is so weak in Suzhou (but it still get hot here).

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