Aug 012005

Sunday we went to buy an electric bike. We thought it is time for me to be more mobile. We went to Stone Street where a lot of electric bike stores are. After we spoke with several sales people (again Jesse was in charge of dealing with them), we decided to go for a bicycle type instead of a scooter type, because a bicycle type can put a child seat on back. Akiva is still too young to be able to sit on back, but we thought that option is very important. Then we narrowed down to one brand, Shanghai Thousand Crane brand which makes a biggest wheel. The biggest wheel is 26cm. It is still too small for Jesse to ride comfortably. However he has no choice.It is funny. If we were still in the state, it would be a car shopping to switch from a sedan to a family mini van. Here we are in China looking for a bike. I know soon Jesse has to buy a powerful scooter type and carry me and Akiva on his back, and he still has to manage to carry a fridge or bookshelf like other Chinese dad.

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