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We have gone to two not so good Xinjiang restaurants so far. Both time Jesse sensed it is going to be not good. We went to a Xinjiang restaurant inside of Mosque in downtown Suzhou. They also have a deli to sell fresh mutton. We thought it must be good because it is for Muslim people. We took my mom during her visit. When we got to the entrance of restaurant, there was Chinese Muslim waiter standing. Jesse asked him if this restaurant is Xinjing. He said back to Jesse unfriendly manner, “What? What are you talking about? This is not a Xinjinag restaurant. This is a Muslim restaurant.” Jesse told me right away this restaurant is not going to be good. I didn’t believe him and convinced him to try their food since we were already there. That was not good idea.

Saturday we went to a Xinjiang restaurant in Suzhou Industrial Park. We were very excited to find that restaurant, because they are an only Xinjiang restaurant in the district as we know. When we got there, Jesse’s antenna was up, and he felt this restaurant is not going to be good. He started asking a bunch of questions to a waitress before even open the menu. “Who is in the kitchen? Chinese or Uygur? Is this a Xinjing restaurant or a Xinjiang flavored Chinese restaurant?” The poor waitress didn’t know how to answer. I convinced Jesse again since we were here we should try. That wasn’t good idea.
Here is our at least condition of good restaurant.
-Bad (no concept of) customer service is OK. Sloppiness and laziness are not OK.
-Must have none pork dish

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